Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Crafty Can

How cute are these little ones!?!  Picture by Kelly Meyers Photography; please check her out!!
This beautiful weather has been keeping us outside and so busy which means blog updates have been slacking. But what I have to share today will make up for it (or at least I think so!!)  I just had to share that adorable picture of my Olivia and her BFF, Addy strawberry picking for the first time...what a BLAST!!

So, all of Olivia's friends are starting to turn one...what a perfect time to put my crafty"ness" to good use!

I have been dying to alter a paint can to use as a gift box and finally got to try it out. What fun and what great results! A few of us friends from a mom's group decided to all go in on a museum pass and I made the gift wrap using Fanfare papers, lots of stamps and ribbon! Great way to use up those paper scraps.  This is my first of many Crafty Cans!!

Close up of the adorable paper pinwheel that I made with a canvas badge button in the middle (stamped using June SOTM)

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Kasandra said...

What?! You MADE this???!!!! I thought thats what the childrens museum made and sent it in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW and WHY do I miss out on all these details LOL??!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!