Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Leaf

Hi blogging friends!  I know it's been a while...but I am turning over a new leaf and am going to try and post at least once a week.  So, I thought this morning was as a good a time as ever to post a new message!  Yesterday was such a great day!  First, Olivia slept through the night (that's not new to her though) in her CRIB!!  Yes, her crib for the first time!  She slept great...mommy well that's another story!  Then, my bestest came over for a day and night of scrapping!!  Finally, after 3 whole months of not being able to scrapbook, it happened!!  And even better I actually completed a project and am so happy with the outcome!  I created a 6x6 accordian album with the gorgeous Olivia papers. I still can't get down into the craft room but Nicole made a zillion trips up and down the stairs to bring me all the supplies and more that I needed!  I'm telling you I owe this girl my life...she has been there for me through this whole ordeal and it has meant so much to me!!  Now I have the "scrapbug" and can't wait to get started on my next project!  I will post pictures steps, baby steps!


nmc said...

I would have gone up and down the stairs 10 more times if you needed me too!

MamaBB said...

Yay for your Bestest - she is awesome :) I want to join the next scrap date!!

Sarah Scrapper said...

Next scrap date is jan 8th from 12-12!! Hope you can come! Let me know if you want to sign up.