Monday, January 10, 2011

Ring in the New Year Crop

This blog post is going to be short but sweet!  I should be cleaning the house but this is much more fun! As I want to update you all on what a fun time we had croppin' on Saturday - all while the baby is napping...which could be for 5 minutes or 2 hours!!  Like Auntie Nic says, "She's the BOSS of the house!"  Anyway, it took me a few extra minutes to get my hands on my camera that I safely packed away in the wee hours on Sunday morning and to download the pics!  What a great time with such fun scrapbook friends!  We had a great set up where everyone got their own table with plenty of space to spread out and that we did!  Between all of us we could have opened shop!  We were armed with lots of supplies, good conversation, and of course tons of food!  I also have a few pics to share of some of the pages I completed.  I finally got to create a page using the 6 x 12 flip flaps, they are so cool!  I was able to turn a 2 page layout into a 4 page layout!!  Check it out below and pop onto my website if you want some of your very own!  I also got to share how to make the super cool paper roses that I learned from watching Tracey Mason (which you can watch here...she is awesome by the way...I don't know her (yet) but I blog "stalk" her!  She is sooo talented and her blog is way funny!!)  I also got to play around with the new spray pen (pics to come on a blog later today or tomorrow!!)

Left side of layout using Magnifique Paper, Simple Stitches stamp set & liquid glass

Right side of the layout using the flip flaps, Maqnifique Papers, Sparkles blue & green assortment, & liquid glass.

This is the inside of the previous layout with the flap at the top open.  I also used a Martha Stewart punch to edge the mat in the flip flap photo.

This is the same layout with the bottom flip flap open.

This is the layout that is underneath the flip flaps.

This shows the flip flap at the bottom of the page open

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